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Available Lots For Sale

Available Lots for Sale in Florida

In order to build a truly custom home from the ground up, there must, of course, be ground to break and available lots for sale. To the team at Omega Construction & Design, those are the lands of limitless potential, where inspiration meets perspiration and raw dreams become reality. As a custom home design contractor, Omega finds our greatest inspiration here, on these blank canvases where our clients can let their imaginations run free, creating masterpieces and laying claim to their very own piece of paradise.

Today’s home buyers have the mindset that it’s always easier to buy a prebuilt house – all the buyer has to do is move in. Buying a parcel of land isn’t in the plan, for many people. In addition, some find it impossible to juggle the cost of paying rent and paying for property, at the same time. Regardless, few can deny that owning their own property is a life goal; not to mention, a potentially worthwhile long-term investment. If you have come to this point of realization, let us help you proceed from there. We relish the challenge of starting from scratch.

We have a number of empty lots that we can work on, and the possibilities are limitless. This will be your dream home; our part is to help you achieve it. We are happy to help, whether it concerns lot buying as a first step, or a full-on development.

Our South Fork and South Lake lots are neighbors, at .27 and .35 acres respectively. Both parcels of land are big enough for regular-sized developments, and are in good neighborhoods. It’s prime property for a family home. On the other hand, the Stonebrook commercial lot is at 1.17 acres. It’s in an excellent area for businesses, and being in Florida, the weather will always be great.

It has become common practice of those who decide to invest to buy a house-and-lot combo. It is easier, after all; but should you decide to start with bare land and take it from there, we are more than able to help. At Omega, we want our clients to get what they want. This has been our work as a custom builder, and we’ve seen how satisfying it is for a client to get a property and a home that they desire. There are few things in life that bring as much satisfaction as your own personal haven, and it has been a joy for us to have taken part in creating this sanctum, through the years.

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South Fork Lot

Location: 3100 Southfork Dr, Pace FL, 32571
Lot size: 0.27 Acres
Price: Call for details

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South Lake Lot

Location: 5406 Southlake Dr, Pace FL, 32571
Lot size: 0.35 Acres
Price: Call for details

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Stonebrook_20140421_009   Stonebrook_20150205_010 Stonebrook_20140421_006   Stonebrook_20140421_005

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Stonebrook Commercial Lot

Parcel Number: 31-2N-29-0000-00616-0000
Location: Cobblestone Drive, Pace, FL 32571
Lot size: 1.17 Acres
Price: Call for details

Filling in the Blank Spaces

It may seem like a small thing to consider, but finding the perfect property among the various types of available lots for sale can ultimately mean the difference between contentment and regret. Simply stated, dimensions will not only determine the measurements of a home, but they also become the deciding factor in a long list of other details that sometimes fall out of focus during a property search. Some lots will easily accommodate a large home and a luxurious pool without sacrificing green space, while others may limit the possibilities for any type of expansion, dashing your dreams of decking and fencing off your fantasies.

At Omega, we work with our clients to determine their exact needs, guiding them through the process of choosing their perfect property from the available lots for sale based on their budget, their desired location, and the size of the home they wish to build. As a custom home builder, we are also experienced in custom home design, so we offer clients the unique ability to see the potentials and the pitfalls of every lot on the market. By working with them on every aspect of their custom home project, we are more able to bring their vision to life and provide them with a property and a home that meets their every need and grants their greatest wish.

As you consider your own desire for a truly customized home, let the team at Omega Construction & Design, Inc., help you land your perfect lot!