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Custom Home Additions

Custom Home Additions: Appealingly Accommodative

While we may often be considered a general building contractor, Omega Construction & Design, Inc., has built and designed some of the most beautiful homes along the Gulf Coast; and what we offer our clients is far beyond the purview of the standard building company. As a custom builder, satisfying the needs of our clients is foundational to our success, rather than a secondary consideration. We don’t adhere to prefabricated plans or basic model blueprints. Instead, we personalize each project to achieve spaces that complement the homeowner and complete their vision, combining our expertise as a building contractor with our skilled techniques in custom home design to create homes that exceed even their greatest expectations.

At Omega, we don’t limit ourselves to new builds; and the same standards that guide us in ground-up projects drive us in our role as a renovations contractor. After all, not every home fully suits the needs of its buyer, nor does that buyer’s needs stay the same throughout all the years of their ownership. Life is a growing process, and the lives lived in a home often change the ways that that home will operate or appeal. In offering home renovating, we can provide our clients with custom home additions that will grow their space to accommodate their needs and suit their style, adding continuity and flow that are complimentary, rather than competitive.

Whether the need lies in adding an extra room or an extra wing, custom home additions should be designed in keeping with the style of the preexisting structure, respecting its lines to achieve a space so cohesive that it never seems unintentional or ill-conceived. At Omega, our custom home additions are perfectly executed to achieve precisely that, marrying with the rest of the home in such a way that no evidence is left behind and no traceable lines or unfinished edges are exposed.

Custom Home Additions: Expanding Excellence

We take great pride in building beauty, and that pride is evident in everything we put our hand to, in every foundation we pour and every square foot we add. As we meet with our clients, we offer them our guidance and experience in creating a home that better meets their needs and will seamlessly enhance their space. We look at preexisting footprints and re-imagine them to become greater, expanding on them in ways that allow continuing change and provide a place where newly formed needs can easily be met.

At Omega, we provide custom home additions that transform even the most challenging spaces, whether our clients hope to increase the square footage of an existing kitchen, create an entirely new bathroom where one seemed impossible, or add extra rooms to a home whose original floor plan has become restrictive. We welcome the task and take great pride in the fact that our clients have come to us to fulfill their needs and bring new life to their homes. It’s a responsibility we never take lightly, and so we apply the same level of dedication and uncompromising demand for excellence to each addition project we complete, firmly believing that—though the original home may not be our design—every change we make bears our name and reflects our standards.

At Omega, our deepest desire is to offer solutions that will add new purpose to a home whose function has faltered, to maximize the potential of a space that once seemed minimal. Our expertise in creating custom home additions includes:

  • Interior design services that will create cohesion throughout the home
  • General remodeling to existing structures
  • Stucco services including the application of EIFS, hard coat, or conventional stucco
  • Repair of damaged stucco surfaces
  • Faux finishing treatments to both interior and exterior surfaces
  • Color palette design
  • Painting and finishing treatments of interior and exterior surfaces, including application of waterproof coatings
  • Custom kitchen and bath design and installation

Don’t be confined by the home the you have—break the limits and let the team at Omega Construction & Design, Inc., envision more and give you new growth potential. Give us a call today!