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Custom Home Builder in Destin and other areas in Florida

Nothing about a home should seem like a cookie-cutter collection of mass-produced rooms with no heart, and at Omega Construction & Design that fundamental belief is one of our driving concepts. As master custom home builders serving Destin, FL, we’ve become industry leaders all throughout Florida’s Gulf Coast for our visionary work, our excellent eye for design, and our passionate embrace of architecture as a work of art. We’re committed to being quality builders, designing prestige custom homes for each and every client in our care.

No homeowner should ever feel as though they are just another contract to be knocked out; and as one of the most innovative, premier custom builders on the Emerald Coast, Omega has built a solid reputation for our dedication to our clients and for our innovative approach to building homes. We bring beauty to every square foot of our projects, because we realize that being a custom builder is about more than taking blue prints and hammering out a structure. Instead, it’s about taking a vision, a concept based on simple lines and numbers, and breathing life into it so that it becomes a unique expression of our clients, a place where they can build their lives and feel as though they have truly found home.

Custom Home Builder: Beyond a Basic Blueprint

At Omega, we have years of experience in bringing a house from concept to completion, overseeing every step from foundation to fixtures; but whether we take on a client from the ground up or are given the challenge of a remodel, we offer them nothing short of our highest standard of care. We’re excited when we have the unique opportunity to work with clients as their home remodeling contractor, kitchen remodeling contractor, or bath remodeling contractor, re-imagining their particular space to provide them not only with more functionality, but also with breathtaking beauty that elevates their home to an entirely new level.

President and founder Drew Dennis and the team at Omega are fully licensed and insured to operate throughout the panhandle, boasting membership in the Home Builders Association as well as a number of various other notable agencies in the business community. We’re dedicated to meet and exceed industry standards, constantly updating our practices and researching the latest programs and products so that we deliver unsurpassed excellence in everything we do.

As a custom home builder in the Destin area and beyond, Omega truly strives to maintain a standard that is reflective of the name. By definition, Omega is The End; and we want our clients to feel that — in entrusting us with their homes — they have reached a definitive end to their search for brilliance. We are singularly focused on each of our homeowners, building a reputation with them that we feel confident will last well into the future. Successfully satisfying a client is paramount, of course; but even more than that, we’re driven by the desire to take their breath away.

At Omega, we feel that a home should be a sanctuary, a piece of paradise, and a personal point of pride. We want our clients to experience excellence each time they enter their home, to escape from the rest of the world when they walk through the door. From the luxurious master suites we design to the chef’s kitchens we install, we provide quality, beauty, functionality, and attention to detail that cannot be found anywhere else. Whether a homeowner is in search of a spa-like getaway or a lavishly-appointed library, we want every component of our designs to reflect their vision. We provide clients with a consultation to determine their needs and discuss their goals. Creating a fully-customized plan is integral to being a custom home builder, and as Destin locals, we can work directly with our clients to create that plan. We can also guide them more accurately through the process, offering them solutions that are a clear representation of our unmitigated desire to enhance their lives and build them a home far beyond the scope of their greatest imagining.

As you visualize the home of your dreams, let Omega Construction & Design help you bring your concept to completion! Give us a call today!