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Custom Home Design: Far from the Ordinary

With so many nondescript, cookie-cutter houses constantly being constructed in the local area, it’s both striking and refreshing to see a home that has obviously been built by someone with a vision, with creative abilities to see and execute a custom home design and make what might otherwise be just another pile of bricks into something truly special. At Omega Construction & Design, Inc., we’ve become the builders known for our excellent building design; and one of the things that we take greatest satisfaction in is our unique ability to create a new home building that is completely reflective of our clients’ tastes, their style, and their way of living. To us, new home construction is a chance to give our customers the houses they’ve always dreamed of; and we take great pride in the work that we do.

Being a custom home builder allows us to work directly with each homeowner during every single phase of the new construction; but even when we take on a remodeling project, we guide our clients through each detail of the process, helping them envision their spaces to become not only more functional, but also more in keeping with their own personalities. At Omega, we specialize in kitchen remodeling and design; and we have years of experience as bathroom remodeling contractors. But being a company known for our innovative work as a home remodeling contractor, a kitchen remodeling contractor, and a bath remodeling contractor is hardly enough. For Omega, our priority is to be known all along the Gulf Coast for our beautiful custom home design work and our ability to provide our customers with homes that are built to last; houses that surpass even their greatest expectations; dwelling places that they will always take pride in showing.

Custom Home Design: Dwelling in Distinction

Regardless of the scope of the space or the size of the budget we must keep, we want the homes that we design and build to be welcoming, breathtaking, and unique. That’s a goal we dedicate ourselves to meeting, so we take the time to consult directly with our clients on a regular basis to determine their needs and explore what might be possible within their financial framework. We want to offer them the best of the best—not only in service, but also in the products we use. It’s a standard of excellence that shows in each project we complete, one that has built our reputation in the greater Pensacola area and continues to keep it thriving. We strive to a level of quality that is redolent of our name, and we’re confident in our ability to provide something to our clients that they would be unable to find anywhere else.

At Omega, we work with integrity; we want to build lasting relationships with our clients that are well-founded in trust. We appreciate the importance of giving our clients the security of knowing that each detail of every design is executed with care and precision, and we’re not satisfied until they’re satisfied. To the experienced team at Omega, each custom home design project we complete is our opportunity to bring dreams to life, to create masterpieces from a blank canvas. In our eyes, no two individuals are exactly alike; and we strongly believe that their homes should be truly reflective of their uniqueness. As we meet with our homeowners to create the dwelling spaces of their dreams, we provide them with a clear plan that outlines each stage of construction, so that they can understand where each dollar and every hour of our time is spent. We believe in keeping open communication and creating accountability, and it’s principles such as these that have kept us successful and maintained our leading edge.

At Omega, we’re members of the communities where we work, and we know that part of building a beautiful community lies with building beautiful homes. For us, these are more than just jobs to complete and buildings to construct—they’re a point of personal pride and a way to contribute.

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