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Custom Kitchen and Bath Design

Custom Kitchen and Bath Design: Down to the Details

At Omega Construction & Design, Inc., we’ve become recognized for our specialization and expertise in custom kitchen and bath design and our ability to create dream kitchen designs and beautiful bath designs rivaling those found in the pages of a magazine. Our clients come to us fully expecting nothing short of excellence, knowing that their vision will be executed with the greatest attention to detail by a team whose quality of work is unmatched among our competitors; and that’s the driving force behind each and every project bearing the Omega name.

Custom Kitchen and Bath Design: A Feast of Form and Function

As an accomplished kitchen remodeling contractor and designer, founder and president Drew Dennis has used his own knowledge and innovative practices to build a talented team whose luxury kitchen designs are awe inspiring and true works of art. Just as the most perfectly executed dish requires balanced flavors, at Omega, we believe that the best kitchens are built in perfect balance of form and function, appealing to the style sensibilities of our clients without losing sight of their more practical needs.

From the size and style of the sink to the finishings on the cabinetry, each unique kitchen design is customized to achieve a space that inspires our clients and invites them to explore their culinary side.

Custom Kitchen and Bath Design: Soaked in Style

At Omega, we create every bath by design processes that center around each of our clients and focuses on their individuality. Our master bath designs offer luxurious retreat spaces, replete with showers set to invigorate the senses and energize the day, tubs to soak and soothe the soul, and an atmosphere where pampering is practically paramount.

Half bath designs should never be short on space or on style, so we apply just as much attention to detail in these scaled-down rooms. A half bath is a key guest space, one that will see frequent use over the course of its lifetime. With that in mind, we design half baths to be functional without ever seeming fractional, despite the fact that their reduced proportions may seem to necessitate less consideration. At Omega, we feel that every room in a home is crucial to creating the cohesion in a home, and while a half bath might not be lavish in size, it needn’t feel like a cast-off space.

Custom Kitchen and Bath Design: From Concept to Completion

At Omega, we not only design beautiful kitchens and baths—we install them. We take the entire project from planning to completion, keeping our focused trained on achieving great beauty and excellent craftsmanship; and we take pride in the work that we do. By being involved with each stage of the process, we are better able to forestall any issues that may arise and seamlessly integrate any necessary changes into the design, minimizing the additional timeline that might result. It’s one more way to please our clients and satisfy their needs to a greater level, one more way that Omega stands apart.

We specialize not only as a kitchen remodeling contractor, but also as a bath remodeling contractor, putting those design skills to use to visualize a better space and then execute that vision. Time and use are harsh enemies to such highly-used areas as kitchens and baths; but so, too, are the changing needs of a homeowner. Tastes change, styles are updated, and technology advances, all of which can make even the most well-designed room seem out of date or irrelevant. These are challenges we welcome, and we encourage our clients to take a closer look at the way that their kitchens and baths might not be meeting their potential.

At Omega, we believe that two of the most important areas in a home are the kitchen and the bath. They each require a far greater amount of precision both in their design and in their installation than any other space in the home, and that level of precision is precisely what we offer. Every custom kitchen and bath design we create and every project we complete is reflective of our desire to be the best in each aspect of our work, and that’s what has built our solid reputation and given us such firm footing as an industry leader all throughout the Gulf Coast.

Don’t settle for mass market design in your kitchen and bath. Let the team of experts at Omega Construction & Design, Inc., customize your spaces to tempt out your inner chef and soothe away your stress. Give us a call today!