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Home Remodeling Contractor: A Second Chance to Make a First Impression

As a custom home builder and home remodeling contractor, Omega Construction & Design, Inc., is a firm with years of experience not only in building prestige custom homes, but in all aspects of home renovating, as well; and we’ve gained areawide recognition for our superior achievements in elite home remodeling.

Every detail of our work as home remodelers is reflective of the personal pride we take in being given the privilege of working with our clients. Whether they’re hoping to complete a dream home remodeling project or simply put a new face on one particular area of their home, any client we serve is shown the standard of care that has given Omega its prestigious reputation for excellence. By hiring us as their home remodeler, homeowners can feel confident that they have chosen a home remodeling contractor who will work tirelessly in pursuit of perfection and take the time to execute brilliant design and deliver quality.

At Omega, we have extensive experience as a home remodeler; and we’re fully licensed and certified to work in all areas of the field, parlaying our particular expertise to serve clients who need a kitchen remodeling contractor or bath remodeling contractor or who might be searching for addition contractors to expand their existing home structure in a way that is cohesive, beautiful, and guaranteed to last.

Home Remodeling Contractor: A Redefined Reflection

We firmly believe that form and function are extremely important to every home, and while every space should ultimately serve a purpose, it needn’t seem simply serviceable. The desire to exude luxury, class, elegance isn’t exclusionary of maintaining functionality; practicality isn’t prohibitive of personality; and at Omega, we know how to achieve that balance for our clients. Ours is a company built firmly on the foundational belief that beauty is as crucial to design as the blueprint itself; and as we work with our clients to reimagine and refresh their homes, we help them realize that visual appeal is a priority never to be relinquished in the interest of utility.

Being a home remodeling contractor often means we are given the challenge of redefining another contractor’s work. As so many of our clients have seen, we’re skilled at restructuring homes from top to bottom, transforming everything from kitchens to mudrooms to become a true reflection of the homeowners, so that they no longer have to simply occupy their rooms—they can truly enjoy them and take pride in them.

At Omega, we believe that a home should be a one-of-a-kind showpiece, which is why we’re so dedicated to establishing a relationship with our clients that affords us the ability to fully achieve their vision in a way that will also meet their functional needs. Even if the space we’re tasked to redesign is as workaday as contractor-grade paint, we can take that mass-production and customize it to become a breathtaking display of taste and style that no one else can lay claim to.

We welcome the opportunity to revive homes, whether we’re making structural additions, taking pre-existing rooms down to the studs to install some inspiration, or repairing catastrophic damage; we want to rekindle our clients’ romance with their homes and provide them with a place that they feel truly passionate about living. We have a team of experts who can bring life and style to everything from baseboards to back splashes, creating cohesion and flow so that each area of the home seems complimentary, rather than out of context. We recognize the importance of using high quality materials to achieve high design, so we source materials from some of the most pre-eminent brands on the market and incorporate those with materials procured from local craftsmen and tradesmen whose own reputations are as trusted as our own. To the team at Omega, architecture is artistic and expressive, and we design every rendering we make to communicate that. A customized home should truly be custom to the homeowner, and as a home remodeling contractor, we are given the unique ability to customize, revitalize, and realize a home that was once nothing more than a dream.

Let the team at Omega Construction & Design, Inc., reawaken the potential of your home! Give us a call today!