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Residential Painter

Residential Painter: Beyond Basic Brushing

With our years of expertise as both a custom home builder and a home remodeling contractor, Omega Construction & Design can also offer our clients our highly specialized services as a residential painter in Florida. We’re an area leader for the beauty and the quality of our work; and while our competitors may limit themselves by offering only basic painting applications to interior and exterior surfaces, we provide a wide range of painting services and finish applications, whether we’re working on a newly built home or remodeling one in need of some special touching up.

As we work with our clients on their custom home design, we’ll determine their style and offer them solutions that will enhance the look of their home and truly make it unique both inside and out, exploring options that will be pleasing to the eye and help them bring their vision to living color. At Omega, as the premier residential painting contractor in Florida, we offer premium paint and finishing services including:

  • Painting of exterior and interior walls
  • Application and repair of Elastomeric stucco, EIF stucco, traditional stucco, and other waterproofing coatings
  • Faux finishing
  • Color palette design
  • Painting and staining of cabinetry

The Finishing Touches

At Omega, we know that the quality of a paint job is extremely important in finishing a home, and we want our clients to feel confident that, by hiring us as their residential painter, they’ve chosen the very best. We take great pride in our work, and we’re highly dedicated to providing nothing short of excellence. Our clients’ satisfaction is our number one goal, and we’ll do absolutely everything in our power to meet that goal. We cut no corners, and we take our time to ensure that every room of the home is finished beautifully and that every surface we touch is perfection itself.

We’re fully licensed and insured, with a degree of experience in many different painting applications and services that sets us apart as an area industry leader; and whether our clients are needing to paint every square inch of their home or simply refinish a single room, we offer them the same level of excellence that has given us a reputation that is beyond reproach. We’ll meet with them to discuss their needs and their budget and offer them ways to achieve the look and feel of the home that they’ve always dreamed of owning, walking through the spaces with them and showing them a wide range of options in colors, finishes, and premium grade products that they might never have considered.

At Omega, every inch of trim we touch is a point of pride and an opportunity to prove ourselves; and whether we’re rolling out a great room or refreshing the color of a sprawling stucco facade, we know that what we do is about far more than surface appeal — it’s about meeting the needs of our client and exceeding their expectations. We want them to see and feel our commitment to them and our desire to build a relationship that will last well into the future, strongly weathering the years and fighting the fade.

Don’t let your dreams of a beautiful home fade into the background! Give the team at Omega Construction & Design a call today!