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Stucco Contractor EIFS Damage Repair

Stucco Contractor EIFS Damage Repair

Without being informed of the differences by a stucco contractor, one could easily assume that there is only a single type of stucco; but knowing the difference will not only bear directly on how it’s applied, but also on how it’s repaired and how well it will weather the test of time. At Omega Construction & Design, Inc., we’ve become known as an area leader for our expertise in stucco services, including the application and repair of all types of stucco; and we welcome the chance to show our clients just what’s behind the reputation we’ve so solidly built.

Each home we build, renovate, or repair is an opportunity to serve our clients and provide them with at most beautiful home possible; and as we work with them to create a custom home design, we present them with a wide range of exterior surface options that will suite the style of their home, respect their budget, and stand strong against nature. We know that not every client is drawn to brick, stone, or siding exterior facades; so at Omega, we also specialize in the installation of both traditional and synthetic stucco, and we can address all of our clients’ needs when it comes to repairing or replacing areas of damage.

Synthetic or Traditional: What’s the Difference?

Traditional or conventional stucco is much like concrete and begins in a powdered state that is mixed with water, then applied directly to a wall in one to three layers. For added strength, the stucco mixture can be applied over a metal meshing or lath; and the substance dries to a very hard, solid surface that can be quite brittle.

Similar to traditional stucco, synthetic stucco or EIFS, which stands for Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems, is an exterior finish that is applied in a multi-layered process to buildings. It was originally developed as a way to repair damaged buildings in Europe after WWII and became widely used in the US in the 1980s, first on commercial buildings and later on residential structures. Unlike conventional stucco, EIFS is always applied in three steps that are all very independent of one another. First, a layer of foam insulation board is secured to the home’s exterior; next, the insulation is coated by a mixture of polymer and cement before being reinforced with fiberglass meshing. Once this coating has fully set, the textured finishing coat is applied.

Solid Work That Sets Us Apart

With our experience in EIFS repair and installation and the many stucco services we provide, the team at Omega stands apart from our competitors; and whether our clients choose the softer surfaces of EIFS or the hard coat of conventional stucco, we feel confident in our ability to meet all of their needs over the life of their home, keeping it as beautiful in the years ahead as it was when it was first built.

As a custom home builder, home remodeling contractor, and licensed stucco contractor, Omega is able to provide our clients with installation and repair services that will meet and exceed industry standards and surpass their greatest expectations. At Omega, we know that the facade of a home is the first thing that anyone sees; and we take pride in the standard of care we provide as well as the quality of our work, knowing that when our clients look at their homes, they see flawless beauty.

Don’t let the look of your home crumble away! Let the team of experts at Omega Construction & Design, Inc., finish your home with perfection. Give us a call today!