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Termite Damage Repair

Termite Damage Repair: Tiny Terminators

They may be small in size, but termites are one of the biggest enemies a homeowner may face during their time in a home. Unfortunately, wood damage from termites can be devastating to any part of the structural integrity of a house or building, which means that the repairs that are required will most likely be expensive; and that costly surprise is often not one that most property owners have prepared for. At Omega Construction & Design, Inc., one of our greatest areas of focus is not only in recognizing the signs of termites, but also in repairing and replacing termite damaged wood. We make it a priority to restore our clients’ homes and provide them with options in how to fix termite damage and prevent it from happening again in the future.

Realistically speaking, termite damage to wood will entail replacing termite damaged studs, as well as the elimination of any existing swarm or nest of termites and a treatment plan by a pest control company. Catching the signs of termite damage isn’t always easy, however—especially for anyone with an untrained eye—so sometimes the destruction has already reached a critical stage before it’s been spotted.

At Omega, we’re known for our innovative design and our unsurpassed work as a custom home builder, with specialization as a home remodeling contractor and kitchen remodeling contractor; but under the leadership of our president and founder Drew Dennis, we also offer a unique expertise in providing insurance repairs and wood destroying organisms (W.D.O.) inspection repairs. For our customers, this means that they will receive the highest level of care as they seek out solutions for termite damage; and that’s a standard that has earned us an excellent reputation not only with our clients, but also with insurance companies throughout the area.

Termite Damage Repair: Secret Snackers

Termites are a threat that all homeowners need to be aware of, regardless of the area where they live. They prey on spaces that may seem secure; and because these pervasive little pests are so determined to do damage, they’ll stop at nothing until their hunger is satisfied.

Pensacola and the surrounding communities along the Gulf Coast are especially vulnerable to formosan termites, so the team at Omega focuses a great deal on being able to assess and address these amazingly destructive insects. Home should be a safe place, but because of the very real concern of termites, that safety can be compromised without anyone becoming aware until it’s too late. Sometimes a swarm can be spotted during periods of migration, but oftentimes visual cues within the structure of a home are only found when walls and floors are opened during a renovation project or if the damaged wood is on the exterior facade. Termites are swift and sneaky, quietly eating away at any area they can access—whether that means they focus solely on the exterior or venture deeper, making their way into spaces such as the walls, the attic, and even the crawl spaces–and that’s when the nightmare can begin.

When it comes to termites, having the support of an experienced contractor is crucial in repairing the problem. This is a time when the home has already been compromised, but being in the care of a team of trustworthy, skilled professionals can mean all the difference. Any areas that need to be removed and replaced will come at a price that most individuals are unprepared for, and depending on the type of insurance that a homeowner holds, that burden might have to be shouldered by the homeowners themselves. At Omega, we want out clients to feel confident that our repairs will be made in accordance to all insurance requirements that they may have; but they can also find security in our determination to not only meet building codes, but surpass them. This is a level of dedication that sets us apart from our competitors and one that maintains our reputation throughout the area for being pre-eminent providers of damage repairs and solutions that won’t leave our clients feeling even more ravaged than they already are.

Don’t let hungry termites eat you out of house and home—give the knowledgeable staff at Omega Construction & Design, Inc., a call today!